KLOGR News/ Vidéo  » Like a Stone // Audioslave cover « 


KLOGR News/ Vidéo  » Like a Stone // Audioslave cover  »

The brand new single / video from the American-Italian Alternative Rock band KLOGR [written KLOGR, reads « KEY LOG AR »] is out today. The title of the single is LIKE A STONE and it’s a tribute to Chris Cornell, one of the musical anti-hero idols of the Generation X and Gen Y (also known as Millenials) tragically deceased last year. LIKE A STONE  was originally written and released by Audioslave in  2002 and is, as of today, one of their prominently known singles.

Both the cover artwork of Like a Stone and the video direction are by Joba, former bass player of KLOGR. Video operators: Roberto Zampa and Otus. Production Zeta Factory.
Music Produced by Rusty and Federico Ascari
Engineered at Zeta Factory by Federico Ascari
Mixed and Mastered by Federico Ascari at Wavemotion Recordings

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