BUFFALO SUMMER News/ Vidéo  » Hit The Ground Running « 

Nouvel album  » Desolation Blues  » le 27 mars


DESOLATION BLUE TRACK LISTING: 1.      The Power & The Greed 2.      Hit The Ground Running 3.      If Walls Could Speak 4.      The Mirror 5.      When You Walk Away 6.      Last To Know 7.      Dark Valentine 8.      Deep Water 9.      Everybody’s Out For Number 1 10.    Untouchable 11.    The Bitter End 12.    Pilot Light
  RECORDED AT: Rockfield Studios & Monnow Valley Studio, UK
PRODUCED BY: Barrett Martin
ENGINEERED BY: Tom Manning MIXED BY: Tom Manning, David Radahd-Jones and Ulrich Wild Buffalo Summer is:
Andrew Hunt – Vocals
Jonny Williams – Guitar
Darren King – Bass  
Gareth Hunt – Drums
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