WOLVES LIKE US News/ Le titre  » Oil Money  » en écoute


WOLVES LIKE US News/ Le titre  » Oil Money  » en écoute Nouvel album  » Brittle Bones  » le 25 octobre / PELAGIC RECORDS http://ipgm.mjt.lu/lnk/AMsAAE-0g5AAAch_fdgAAGifbPcAASKA3m8AIsL1AAhbhABdl1BoRWhKF9zaTQySogY4jR96dAAHlxg/1/lnNbuhFdnNZowrw7vsClTQ/aHR0cDovL3NtYXJ0dXJsLml0L3dvbHZlc2xpa2V1c0RHVEw Formed in Oslo, Norway in 2010 , WOLVES LIKE US emerged out of the ashes of local punk / hardcore pioneers JR EWING, AMULET and INFIDELS FOREVER, among others. The new band quickly made themselves a name as a super-energetic live band in the local scene, blending equal parts Quicksand and Afghan Wings with their own idiosyncratic post-hardcore sound. After only 5 shows, they instantly…

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THE OCEAN News/ Video  » Rhyacian »


Germany’s premier post-metal act The Ocean has started work on a new album, to follow-up their latest release: 2015’s split EP with Japanese post-rock legends Mono, entitled Transcendental. In anticipation of the upcoming full-length record, The Ocean has launched a new live video for the track « Rhyacian« , which is taken from 2007’s Precambrian. Filmed at the Brick by Brick in San Diego, CA, the video can be viewed at: Prior to Transcendental, The Ocean released their sixth full-length in 2013: Pelagial – which was hailed as the group’s « most ambitious…

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