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In May 2016 RAINVEIL from Italy released their latest album entitled « Verses » so now we’re here to have an interview with them about their past, their present and their future plans
who had the idea of creating the group Rainveil?

The idea came from me, Luca (guitar) and Matteo (vocals). We started to play some heavy metal music just for fun, but after some composition we realized we could push harder and started to do things seriously. So, step by step everything started becoming bigger and bigger until the release of our first album.

How the group members are there to meet you and when the idea of the group has been « it was forming »

We all played in local bands and we already knew each other. When the first ideas came out, we conctacted Pietro at the bass guitar, Luca Fontana at the drums and Luca Intropidi for the rhythm guitar. Unfortunately Fontana and Intropidi decided to leave the band months before the official release of the album due to personal reasons.

Your album came out in 2016 I think. How do you feel waiting until its release?

It had been an extremely uphil path; when we finally reached the top we were extremely anxious to see our work finally published, and see what critics think about it.

What the universe and your last album that are addressed?

The album is a psychological concept album about discrimination, social imposition and marginalization as consequence of mass divergence. It’s all about a fictional character in which every listener could reflect.

Who wrote the texts, what has inspired you to write?

Matteo was the head for the creation of the lyrics. Instead, the music has been written by the whole band. We hadn’t a particular source of inspiration; we let the emotions flow and lead our creations to their natural ending.

Do you plan to come to France to play with your group for the next few months?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have planned any show in your country; but we are hopeful to come to your land as soon as possible to entertain you with our metal show.

 What are your musical influences?

We tried to keep out our favourite artists from our influences, to create a new identity specific for our sound. By the way, many people associated our ambient with the sound of the american band Kamelot (and we must admit that we are proud of this note).

Your futures projects for the group?

At the moment we are concentrating our forces in the promotion of our album. This is our first work, so it’s absolutely necessary spread our name as wildfire. By the way, we are working on new ideas which you will find in our next full length album.

What are the echos to the group by the media and fans?

Critic seems to appreciate our work. Every review that we received was positive, and also our fans are excited as we are about our album. We can’t be much satisfied.

Recent groups, which particularly impressed you?

Certaintly the bands of the peolpe who attended as guest in our album: the “Eternal Silence” of Marika Vanni (female voice in “Fire Opal”) and the “Genus Ordinis Dei” of Richard Meiz (who has written and recorded all the Verses’ drums).

Thanks for the interview to an end. Do you have a last word for our readers?

Thank you for this talk; hope to see you all at one of our future show to headbang with us!

Signé @ La Fée Verte Photographie / Carine Mancuso.

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