TRIGGERFINGER News/ Vidéo  » That’ll Be The Day »

TRIGGERFINGER News/ Vidéo  » That’ll Be The Day »

A propos de cette vidéo « Triggerfinger hereby bring you a new music video for the song ‘That’ll Be The Day’, taken from the album ‘Colossus’ which was released in 2017 through Mascot Label Group. The video has been recorded by Koen Keppens and his team at the Bunker/Blockhaus on the beach of Leffrinckoucke, Pas-de-Calais in the North of France. You can see the outskirts of Dunkerque from there. Quite a sight!

Anonyme is a French artist from this region, who single-handedly back in 2014 covered this bunker/ blockhaus in mirrors. He calls it  ‘Réfléchir’ (‘reflect‘, ‘think‘). It’s quite an amazing piece of work, an impressive chunk of  350 m2 of concrete that has sunk into the sand over the years. Just one little piece of what the nazi’s called ‘Atlantik Wall’ when they were building a defense system in 1944 to keep the Allied Forces out of Europe.
Lost in the immense dunes of the Opal Coast, Anonyme turned this concrete bunker into a piece of art. About the bunker Anonyme comments “It makes you reflect, it makes you quiet, it makes you wonder about time and the past, in order to see the future more clear” says the artist. “This project is dedicated to our parents and grandparents, who have lived through those hard times, barely 80 years ago, and to those who, today, stand on this side of the channel and seeing their travels blocked by the English Channel and the authorities, people who have fled danger and are currently without a home, currently residing in a sort of purgatory on these very same shores. I dedicate this work to all people who engage in helping those people, here, there, everywhere”.

Triggerfinger did their press pictures to promote ‘Colossus’ around this exact bunker, so recording a clip was an obvious next step to them. The band comments « We’d love to thank the artist for letting us film around his piece of land-art.”.

TRIGGERFINGER partira en tournée cet autonme, voici les dates

26.10.2018 Roubaix,  Festival l’Accordeon Roubaix (FR)
08.11.2018 Vannes,   L’Echonova (FR)
09.11.2018 Saint Malo, Nouvelle Vague (FR)
10.11.2018 Le Mans, Festival BEBOP (FR)
11.11.2018 Le Havre, Tetris (FR)
13.11.2018 Annemasse, Chateau Rouge (FR)
14.11.2018 Lyon, Ninkasi Gerland Kao (FR)
16.11.2018 Ris Orange, Le Plan (FR)
17.11.2018 Calais, Espace Gérard Philipe (FR)
18.11.2018 Freyming – Merlebach, Le Gouvy (FR)
20.11.2018 Vaureal, Forum (FR)
21.11.2018 Saint – Nazaire, Le VIP (FR)
23.11.2018 Castres, El Bolegason (FR)
24.11.2018 Montauban, Rio Grande (FR)
25.11.2018 Nyort, Camji (FR)
27.11.2018 Riorges, Les Mardis du Grand Marais (FR)
28.11.2018 Montluçon, 109 (FR)
29.11.2018 Pagney – derriere – Barine, Chez Paulette (FR)
30.11.2018 Strasbourg, Laiterie (FR)

02.12.2018 Solothurn, Kofmehl (CH)
03.12.2018 Winterthur, Salshaus (CH)
04.12.2018 Fribourg, Nouveau Monde (CH)
08.12.2018 Charleville-Mézières, Le Forum (FR)
15.12.2018 Köln Palladium (support New Model Army) (D)


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