VANDENBERG’S MOONKINGS News/ Lyric vidéo  » Burning Heart « 

VANDENBERG’S MOONKINGS News/ Lyric vidéo  » Burning Heart  »

Adrian Vandenberg commente :  » We decided to strip down a bunch of songs to the bare basics and let them speak in the most essential way. Purely relying on Jan’s expressive, dark brown voice and my acoustic guitar, the intense, honest performance and the songs themselves.
For me personally it’s very special to have included ‘Burning Heart‘ and ‘Sailing Ships‘, performed straight from the heart by two friends with a passion for real, ‘handmade’ music. Two songs that have been two of the most important landmarks in my career this far, and I’m just getting started. »

Le 23 novembre Vandenberg’s Moonkings sortira ‘Rugged And Unplugged‘ un EP acoustique. Ce EP reprend des titres issues des deux albums studios des Moonkings, ainsi que deux les grands hits écrits par Adrian Vandenberg dans le passé  » Burning Heart » et  » Sailing Ships  » de Whitesnake.

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