WARDRUNA News/ Vidéo  » Lyfjaberg « 


Nouveau titre en marge du prochain album  » Kvitravn  » qui sortira en janvier 2021


To climb the Healing-mountain is a journey for the mind and spirit as much as the feet and body. Anything of true value, comes at a true cost. Lyfjaberg was mainly filmed in the mountains at Tustna in Norway. We shot the video in early May, when all of a sudden winter decided to return with full strength and we ended up wading in half a meter snow for three days and nights. On many levels, the process of making of this video reflected the meaning of the song itself. We all had to climb a few of our inner mountains to get it done. Huge thanks to Ragnarok Film and everyone involved for jumping into this project with full force from day one. We hope you will endure the walk and enjoy the song!

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