Cave Dweller (USA) « Walter Goodman (Or The Empty Cabin In The Woods) » @ Folk, Experimental

BandCave Dweller
Album: Walter Goodman (Or The Empty Cabin In The Woods)
Country: USA
Genre: Folk / Experimental
Label: Aesthetic Death
Release date: September 23, 2020

Cave Dweller is a solo project from one half of the excellent US act – pando. Cave Dweller is an obscure, yet nuanced, collection of stangetitudes – acoustic and emotional forays into the voids of introspection and introversion. The album is an experiment in music and poetry that explores and touches on themes of loneliness, a symbiosis with mental illness, the tribulations of existence and the enduring struggle for purpose. Cave Dweller is inspired by the blessings of our immediate and powerful nature around us which reflect the dualities of the human experience – a brutality, amidst frailty….. an expansive isolation, hiding microcosmic beauty. For the album, each track has been recorded and mixed differently, using multiple mediums and techniques, including simple smartphone tracking, digital and analog tape recording methods, and field recordings at places of personal importance. Cave Dweller is a very personal and introspective piece of work – it is the raw emotion of an artist for all to bear witness.

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